We provide independent and unbiased technology solutions that are aligned with an organization’s business strategy and
architecture to deliver information that meets business demands in a timely manner. We provide on-demand expert consulting,
analysis and technical advice and implementation services. Datamach provide training services in database, storage, Cloud
Computing, Systems Administration , Performance testing and tuning, Research-based Innovation, a key driver at Datamach, has
enabled the organization to develop programs and curricula that use cutting-edge instructional design methodologies
and training delivery.


Why analytic DBMS needs to be storage-aware
Database migration – A planned Approach
Oracle Proactive monitoring


“Always-ON” Data solution for SMBs
Planning Data Migration
Reclaim your 20% of unused storage

HA Systems

Open Systems HA solutions
Filesystem and Volume Manager Fine tuning
Automating routine system admin tasks

Cloud Computing

What cloud computing can do for your business?
Freedom of cloud computing
Cloud Computing and Security

Small & Midsize Business

Business intelligence planning for SMBs
What cloud computing can do for your business?
Small business NAS Solutions
DR for SMBs

Disaster Recovery

Different scenarios of Disaster recovery
Best Practices for Data Protection and Recovery in Virtual Environments
Forrester Research: Next Generation Data Protection: buying the right technology for today and tomorrow

Business Continuity and HA

Open Systems HA solutions
Optimizing Data Protection Operations in VMware Environments
Rethinking Business Continuance in the Enterprise: Driving Data Availability Up and Costs Down
An Integrated Approach to Protecting Mixed Environments

Data Migrations

White Paper: Enterprise Open Source Data Integration
Practical Recommendations for Data Migration - A White Paper by Bloor Research
Practical Open Source Data Integration Case Studies & Implementation Examples

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