Data is critical in fast and efficient decision making and hence one of the most important business asset. We help small and
medium businesses build world class database framework which enables secure and seamless data circulation.
With a focus on clients that use Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL we deliver lower-cost and lower-risk solutions.

We build database architecture in line with your unique business requirements.

Architecture and Design
Our experts work alongside our clients to provide reliable, scalable, high-performing Database System.  We work with our clients
start from planning through successful implementation to ensure seamless delivery of Solution.

Performance Tuning
Quickly and reliably optimize database performance. With our Diagnosis, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and error correction
services, we will ensure your systems are operating at their peak efficiency.

Database Migration (Old to New and Linux to Solaris etc.)
Non-Oracle to Oracle, Old Version to New Version or from Linux to Solaris or vice versa. We support it all.

Business continuity and Disaster Recovery
With right combination of replication and backup technologies we can ensure your Database systems are running in planned
and unplanned outages.

Database Downtime has direct cost to the business.

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