Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

Our work in IT sourcing and service excellence is characterised by a commitment to independence, working to your agenda
without restraint or conflict to realise the best outcome for your organisation. The decision to implement a new outsourcing
arrangement can have a significant impact on your business. When delivered successfully it can transform your business
operations, lower your costs, increase your efficiencies and provide a sustainable platform for growth by enabling you to focus
your business. Companies around the world that are looking to gain a competitive edge come to Orbys for sourcing strategy
advice. We work closely with clients around the world to develop the best forward looking strategy for them, identifying potential
risks and challenges before they happen.

We help our clients to:
  • Quantify the expected benefits of outsourcing a specific work package
  • Define the optimum arrangements
  • Source value for investors
  • Understand best practice methodologies and management processes
  • Benchmark to understand value realisation and ROI

  • Datamach can staff your help desk and systems support teams, or supply the advanced IT skills required for complex project
    initiatives. The key to our success is our method of working closely, in partnership with clients, to create a flexible staffing plan.
    We can help you with your temporary staffing as well as your permanent staffing needs. We attach top priority to providing a
    24-hour turnaround, to fill most of your IT manpower needs.
    Together with your senior executives, we establish the right set of IT investments your current and future corporate strategies.
    To ensure that we always deliver the right expertise for the task at hand, we have developed a world-class recruiting engine
    that combines technology savvy resource specialists with well-defined recruiting processes. Candidates who are not from our
    internal database are checked out thoroughly via reference checks / background checks including any additional requirements
    on a case-to-case basis, more so in the case where there are specific requirements from our clients.

    Achieve business success through sourcing excellence - a balance of internal and external capabilities leveraging industry's best practices and seizing new opportunities with Datamach.

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