If data is blood of an organization then we are at the heart of IT.


Datamach provides end-to-end Data and Storage systems solutions. With our focus on simplification of data management, seamless access, security and high availability, we design creative solutions to suit client’s specific business needs, complement any existing systems and represent long-term ROI.

    Our core expertise is:

  • Database
  • Storage
  • HA systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization

However, our real strength is integration of knowledge and expertise from these technologies to address client’s complex, mission-critical challenges. Data flows through the disk Controller, RAM, CPU, HBA into the storage system. Hence, we design solutions with tested and trusted hardware (Selective hardware) and performance calculations, which enables us to build dynamic, efficient and maximum throughput data processing machine. This unique approach eliminates complexity, reduces cost and minimizes TCO. We can guide your organization through every step of information life cycle from unbiased technology decision making, design solutions through to problem solving, optimization and maintenance.

    Our Passion:

At Datamach, we strive to provide easy to maintain, quick to deploy, robust and cost effective solutions. We solve client’s technological challenges with deep knowledge, innovation and perfect execution.

    Our Process

    Datamach process Datamach has proven approach and methodologies to deliver most effective solutions. Every project goes through our standard Process Engineering Cycle which helps us improve business processes, accelerate response time and improve end user satisfaction. Process Engineering Cycle is a four step process designed to facilitate understanding of client’s current environment and solve business problems with the help of flexible guidelines, tools, templates and industry standards. It is the foundation of our robust delivery frame work of common processes reflecting best practices and proven experience.

      Our Team

      We have a team of agile, highly skilled experts at the core of our business. They have an in-depth understanding of technology and a proven track record of delivering solutions in many industry sectors. With demonstrated understanding of intricacies of technology our experts help clients build scalable, reliable and innovative technology solutions.

      Why Datamach?

      • Simple and cost effective Open Technology Solutions. — Practical and robust solutions built on open standards and best practices.
      • Reliable, Flexible and easy to use Solutions. — Easy to use and maintain, which will help our customers use less time and resources to manage the systems.
      • Getting Most out of Legacy Systems. — By working with investments you have already made — as well as growing and adapting with your changing business needs Datamach will ensure extended investment returns.

If data is blood of an organization then we are at the heart of IT.

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